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Growth & content marketing strategist, leading marketing at Elpha, the community for women in tech. →

Advice from leading career coaches on Elpha about how to think about your next step

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The pandemic gave us all time to pause, reset, and think about the future of our careers. You may be contemplating a new job in your field or a career transition to a new industry. If you’re not sure what the best move for you is right now, this resource is for you. With inputs from over 20 leading recruiters and career coaches in tech, I’ll dive into:

  • The hiring market in tech right now and what employees are looking for
  • 4 questions to ask yourself if you’re deciding to quit or stay
  • Tangible advice on aligning your values with…

And how to uplevel your content marketing to win

Content marketing / Source: unDraw

You’ve done lots of keyword research. You’ve figured out what your prospects are searching for online. You’ve hired freelance writers, and you’re publishing weekly. You’re promoting new infographics on social and sending out your latest blog posts to your email list.

But it’s been months (or years!), and you’re just not seeing results. Maybe you’re only ranking for your brand’s target keywords on the fourth or fifth Google results page. Perhaps most of your published content gets zero social likes or shares.

Creating content takes so much time— shouldn’t you just be rewarded for that alone?! …

The research process to double website conversion

When it comes to optimizing a website, trying to decide what to test first can feel like dumping out one of those boxes of jelly beans with over 100 different flavors and trying to pick which one to taste first.

There are so many options! They all could be delicious. Some might be horrible, especially if you think the Buttered Popcorn jelly belly flavor is an abomination. (Agreed.)

So many options!

If you pick right, you might end up with a delicious Tutti-Frutti or maybe a vibrant Juicy Pear.

But mistake the bright red bean for cherry, and eagerly pop three in your…

How user-centric marketing builds companies like Slack

Customer-centric marketing

“Welcome back, without Slack!” proclaimed the LinkedIn news article at the top of my feed, with 56,259 readers and counting.

I had to laugh — I couldn’t believe it.

It was the first day back to work in January after the holiday break. I was in the middle of drafting this very post, reading article after article about Slack’s incredible success (Salesforce buying them for $27.7 billion — hello!) and the customer-centric marketing strategy that led to such amazing growth.

And in the very same moment, people were in chaos online. Slack was completely down. According to The New York…

A review and a framework for growth

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

To traditional brand marketers, growth marketing seems elusive. We hear talk about growth hacking and unicorns.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Exclusivity Hack? Or the Aha Moment Hack?

What’s with all this terminology? What does it all mean? Perhaps you’ve just been tuning it all out until now.

But with techno-optimism on the rise and startups in a frenzy of deal-making, as we head into 2021, my prediction is that marketers who understand growth hacking will have a serious competitive advantage.

I’ve spent a few years working in digital and content marketing, most recently at the technology communications consultancy Hotwire

there’s beauty, even in a heavy year

So that was 2020.

I didn’t get a puppy this year, or post any dancing TikToks, or attempt any sourdough recipes at home. (I did make some pretty bomb cookies though… check out the photos at the bottom of this post!)

But, I did spend a lot more time this year thinking… and then thinking some more… and then a lot more time thinking again about the same thing I just thought about in an anxious circle in the hopes it would eventually lead to some revelation.

I’m not sure all that thinking led to any big revelations, but I…

Lani Assaf

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